Welcome to Geekybit!

My name is Laura Symonds and I am a magazine journalism student  journalism graduate and content writer amongst other things. If that hasn’t put you off, please continue reading…

Geekybit is a magazine that I created for my final university project. The blog continues out of love.

Here you can read articles on technology, sci-fi/fantasy, science, fashion, and my ‘making a magazine‘ journey.

Mission Statement

Geekybit is the alternative women’s magazine for women who love all things geeky. It covers technology, science, sci-fi and fantasy entertainment, and fashion.

The 18-39 year old audience can enjoy reading about the latest technology and science stories they can use in their own lives. In their spare time, they look to fuel their imagination with sci-fi and fantasy film, TV, books and video games. They turn to Geekybit to guide them through this genre entertainment. Despite what traditional stereoptypes suggest, the geek girl does care about her appearance, whether it is looking for affordable fashion or adding a popular culture reference piece to express their interest.

They tend to read a range of magazines to pick and choose the articles that relate to their lives and interests. Alternatively, they find technology, sci-fi, science and fashion articles online that relate to them, but fail to make the most of these websites when they are busy with other online tasks. They are looking to read satisfying and relevant content all in one place during their leisure time. This place is Geekybit.


Thanks for visiting!

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